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Web design

Web design of your home page or ecommerce shop is one of the decisive factors for ensuring the delivery of effective and intuitive information to the content users. Mobile devices and the number of internet users that access content from mobile devices are rapidly increasing from year to year. The demand for solutions that are capable to adapt and show information effectively on different mobile devices and platforms is growing.

Our design studio considers both adaptive and responsive design principles. These principles ensure that content is effective and understandable when showed to users, regardless of device or platform that is used.

Graphic design

Graphic design performs not only the product or service’s aesthetic function, but also provides visual communication to the user. A successful graphic design solution can not only address the user, but also deliver a message and create emotions.
Creative and effective graphic design solutions and branding are essential for providing effective visual communication.

User experience

The best user experience is experience that the user does not even notice. It is simple, understandable and intuitive.

In the web design development phase important decisions have to be made that are about user interface design, information architecture and user interactions with the product. In this stage it is crucial to get to know the user better, to understand their needs and preferences.

Based on relevant data and user experience audit it is possible to make the right decisions to create great design functionality and user flow.

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